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Art Club Kibo Titan


Born on January 7, 1966 in Măgureni, Prahova County, a settlement arranged in a fairytale setting on the demarcation line between the last hills of the Subcarpathians and the Ploiești Plain. He attended high school in Câmpina.

Between 1985-1990 he is a student at the Faculty of Technological Equipment in Bucharest, and in 2003 he obtained a doctorate in engineering sciences. In 2007 he also graduated from the Faculty of Law, in the same year obtaining a master's degree in administrative sciences at S.N.S.P.A. Bucharest.

After graduating from the first faculty, he worked as a scientific researcher for 9 years, after which he transferred to public administration. In his professional career he has written various scientific articles in specialized journals.

In 2014 he was one of the two coordinators of the audit team of the Labor Inspection System (HSE) from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, team formed in Luxembourg from representatives of seven EU Member States.

He discovered his love for cinema in the early years of his university studies, in the 1980s he became a frequent visitor of the Romanian Cinematheque in Bucharest, where he watched over 300 films a year.

The film not only attracted him from the status of a cinephile, but also passed behind the camera, as a director, screenwriter or amateur producer, making various documentary or fiction short films. The documentary Bucharest year zero (2007) was screened at the Romanian Youth Cinema in Bucharest, during an event of the Lumière Cineclub.

On January 10, 2010, together with a group of film enthusiasts, he founded the Cineclub Salata de filme, in which viewings are organized or screenplays are written and short films are made. In 2011, with some of the members of the film club, he participated in The 48 Hour Film Project competition in Brașov, where he won the awards for best film, best editing and best soundtrack with the film Overexposure (2011). The film represented Romania at the 2012 International Filmapaloosis Festival in Taos, New Mexico, USA, along with other films made in 100 cities on all meridians of the globe.

In 2017 he published the book My Movie Book - Europe, a personal anthology about the main films made by European directors between 1984 and 2016.

Starting with 2018, he makes a series of films about various permanent and temporary exhibitions organized by the great European art museums, films that he presents to the public on the occasion of various cultural events or on his                   channel.

He publishes various articles on cultural topics in                                   a Romanian and universal culture magazine.



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