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BIFROST Publishing House is a publishing house that aims to create a bridge between Romania and Sweden, between North and South, between two diverse and extremely interesting cultural spaces, between people who speak different languages but have a common passion - books.

BIFROST is a new editorial project that wants to make known the Romanian authors in the Scandinavian space and the Scandinavian authors in the Romanian space.

Of course, we do not address exclusively the authors from the two geographical areas but we try to establish collaborations with writers from all over the world.

The quality of the books we want to publish is very important for us, through our efforts we want to encourage creativity and imagination, humor, passion, the discovery of surprising inner artistic values.

In this sense, we ask the young authors to control their emotions and fears and to confidently address our publishing house to start in the wonderful world of books.

We invite well-known authors to be part of a project that wants to found a large family of international creation.

Thank you and we wish you a lot of inspiration!

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