September 2021, Museo delle Poste, Trieste, Italy

B O O K   P R E S E N T A T I O N

Exhibition "Romania ti amo. Paesaggi romeni nei francobolli, nei quadri, nelle fotografie"

At the exhibition "I love you, Romania. Romanian landscapes in stamps, paintings and photographs", the authors of Bifrost Publishing House present some of their published books.

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Find out more ...

17 May 2021, 6 p.m., Art Klub Kibo Titan, Bucharest

B O O K   L A U N C H

Stone Mirror, Water Mirror by Clelia Ifrim

"Even if you have no intention of trying to write like Clelia Ifrim, buy her book just to enjoy the haiku and admire the haibun in the hands of a master. Truly!" - JANE REICHHOLD

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24 April 2021, 6 p.m., Art Klub Kibo Titan, Bucharest

B O O K   L A U N C H

Old Parfumes, New Aromas by Daniel Onaca

"Daniel Onaca's poems cut out the immediate realities in a sui-generis report, for which the format or the technique of haiku is the right glove (but we don't believe in the only one). The poem of notation and fixed form resonates, says the author himself, with his intention to sublimate, to refine the lived and it is not excluded that the northern world, with its rigors, would have even imposed such a thing on the southern man sitting there ..." - ADA D. CRUCEANU

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