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Literary anthology

D E B U T   2 0 2 1

A book through which 26 beginner authors will delight you with 76 literary texts, very diverse and interesting: poetry, short prose and dramaturgy.

"... being a writer today, despite all the existing facilities, is not just a personal endeavor for those around you, but especially a commitment to enriching the world with your own re-representations. And for that you need thoroughness, patience, exigency with yourself, numerous and difficult readings ..." - ADRIAN COSTACHE

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Harmonies on hot dust

L E T I Ț I A   O P R I Ș A N

"Even though I structured the creative flow of a lifetime in the field of visual arts, underground there was always a groundwater poetry that made me happy even in the latent hypostasis. I wanted this new volume of poetry to be something different from the previous ones. I don't know if I succeeded. The verses that came spontaneously in my spirit, unexpectedly enveloped me in enchantment in multiple poses, which not infrequently surprised me." - LETIȚIA OPRIȘAN

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Chromatic rhymes

F L O R I N   B E J I N A R I

A "poetic mini-album" comprising some of the naive paintings and poems of the Bucovina artis Florin Bejinari.

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Rozi Cozi's World

M I H A E L A   C H I Ț A C

"Undoubtedly, by her book Lumea lui Rozi Cozi (Rozi Cozi’s World) Mihaela Chițac has acomplished a sui generis kind of dictionary - non-alphabetical and joyful - in an attractive fluent style which will definitely charm her little readers. " - VICTOR TEIȘANU

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My Movie Book - Europe

A N D I    D U M I T R A C H E

"A subjective journey through European cinema from 1984 to 2017 guided by Andi Dumitrache, a passionate and faithful lover of the seventh art." - EMIL BOJIN

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Stone Mirror, Water Mirror

C L E L I A   I F R I M

"Even if you have no intention of trying to write like Clelia Ifrim, buy her book just to enjoy the haiku and admire the haibun in the hands of a master. Truly!" - JANE REICHHOLD

Old Parfumes, New Aromas

D A N I E L   O N A C A

"Daniel Onaca's poems cut out the immediate realities in a sui-generis report, for which the format or the technique of haiku is the right glove (but we don't believe in the only one). The poem of notation and fixed form resonates, says the author himself, with his intention to sublimate, to refine the lived and it is not excluded that the northern world, with its rigors, would have even imposed such a thing on the southern man sitting there ..." - ADA D. CRUCEANU

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