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Menai Olga (Miron Vasilica Olguța), born on 29.07.1990, doesn't hesitate to remind us with every chance that she grew in a village on the Danube shore, in the middle of a community of lipovan russians.

She graduated Letters College from the Ovidius University of Constanta and followed a master's degree in the same direction.

Her literary activity began in 2012, with the debut of "Labyrinths" Anthology of the festival of poetry "Cezar Ivanescu", where she took honourable mention. The next year appears a new anthology "connection", where two other poems are included.

In 2014 the first volume of poems signed by Menai Olga is born. The volume is entitled "Traded soul" (ePublishers publisher). After a 4 year break, the novel "Between Eden and Hell" is published and the second volume of poems "bouquet of episodes", both printed at publishing house Etnous, Brasov. In the next year, 2019, the fantasy novel "Hell's gate" (publishing house Betta, Bucharest) saw the light of day, and in 2021 " The kid with the rabbit lip" at publishing house Bifrost.

Besides books, Menai Olga has also signed several articles for online publications and in physical form with the bilingual newspaper, Dawn.




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