National, and international large group exhibitions.

One-man shows:

      Art's Home Gallery, Bucharest, 1992

      Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, 2004

      Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, 2013

      Foișor Gallery - Brâncovenești Palace, Mogoșoaia, 2017

      Milu Cafe, Bucharest, 2018

Exhibitions abroad:

     In Bangladesh, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India,

     Indonezia, Italy, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, USA


    Honorable Mention at the Fourth Annual International Exhibition of

                     Miniature Art, Toronto, Canada 1989

     Certificate of Excellence at SOHO International Art Competition New York,

                     USA 1994, 1995

     Oil Painting Prize at International Exhibition of Art Carcassone, France, 2001


Born on May, 11th 1958 in Bucharest, Romania

Graduate of Fine Arts Academy, Bucharest, 1981, Mural Painting and Conservation Department

Member of The Romanian Professional Fine Arts Society since 1990


         e-mail: sandabutiu@yahoo.com

         mobil: +40 744 369 381

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