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Florin Bejinari is a Bukovinian self taught artisan, specialised in inconography and painting on different supports: goose eggs, ostrich eggs and painting on rocks.

In 2015 he discovered the beauty of naive paintings when he painted his first composition of this kind, in oils on canvas. He tried to mix iconography elements with traditional elements from the romanian folklore, especially the life on the countryside.

In 2017 he won the 3d prize at ,,International Exhibition of naive art" from Bucharest. He had also the pleasure to participate in a documentary for the ,,Arte" television, made by Vincent Froehly.

Paintings on Ostrich eggs and goose eggs, along with the painting on rocks is also one of the genres approaches. He didn't managed to have a personal exhibition yet, but he had participated at some collective exhibitions in the country.

With the volume ,,Rime cromatice / Chromatic rhymes" (2020), a wonderful mini album that combines 2 of the most important arts, poetry and painting, he begins on literary realm.


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