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Cornelia Alexoi (b. December 14, 1957) is a professional theater and film actress – with a University of Theater and Cinematography „I.L. Caragiale ” Bachelor’s Degree in Acting.

She performed on the stage of the State Theater "Valea Jiului" in Petroșani, on the stage of the State Theater "Alexandru Davila" in Pitești, but also on the stage of the National Theater in Bucharest.

Cornelia Alexoi made her film debut with an episodic role in the film "Style Furniture", directed by Dan Marcoci, after which she obtained other roles - supportive and main - in various feature films, such as: "It's beautiful in September in Venice" - directed by Nae Caranfil, "The ways of love are thorny" - directed by Mihnea Columbeanu, "Spring in an aseptic setting" - directed by Mihnea Columbeanu, "Promises" - directed by Elisabeta Bostan, "We, in the first line" - directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, "The Secret of Bachus" - directed by Geo Saizescu, "The Wasp's Nest" - directed by Horea Popescu, "Some great boys" - directed by Cornel Diaconu, "Love is undefeated" - directed by Mihnea Columbeanu, and recently in "Zugun" - directed by Răzvan Mocanu. She also performed in several public service films produced by "Buftea" Studios and narrated several documentaries produced and directed by Andi Dumitrache.

Cornelia Alexoi also signed the translation of dozens of books, published by various publishing houses in Bucharest, she also worked as a press journalist for several publications in Bucharest, such as the daily "Independent", the weekly "Vocea Valahiei", the "Super VIP" entertainment magazine, but also as an investigative reporter for Prima TV.

 In addition, she got involved in cultural entrepreneurship and was the manager of a theater company in which she also directed various plays.

Currently, she dedicates herself to writing, but also to coaching theater and film acting.

Laureate for prose at the National Literature Contest "The Heritage of  Văcăreşti" (1994 edition), Cornelia Alexoi  published her first book - "Challenge Me to Catch You" - in 2004, at PACO publishing house. Her second book, the novel ”Calvus Mons or How  Snow White Got Caught in the Phoenix Bird's Flight", was published by CORESI publishing house and was released on November 14  - 2018, at the “Gaudeamus”  International Book Fair in Bucharest.

As a playwright, Cornelia Alexoi started with the volume "Theater as a Shrine-Fortress", published under the auspices of the eLiteratura publishing house and released at the International Book Fair "Bookfest", in 2019.


Critical appraisals


"Challenge me to catch you"

George Stanca - journalist, poet, writer:

“This book gives me the opportunity to welcome the debut of a possible great prose writer. So, I expect the Novel from the author. Because Cornelia Alexoi writes amazingly well, plastic and sensitive.”


"Calvus Mons"


Vasile Poenaru - writer and editor - at the release of the novel:

“This book is extremely innovative. The characters stem from various genres…  We see a very regional speech, but also an extremely scholarly one. We are dealing, I think, with an experimental prose of very good quality.”


Florin Stănescu - translator:

Calvus Mons is a novel with features of great originality and literary ability, as daring as they are successful, the author working on them methodically, in detail, through a finely balanced combination of the inspiration factor and the element of perspiration - the effort of meticulous literary elaboration, both at the architectural level and of the elaborated stylistic details.”


Daniel Onaca - writer:

“If I were to follow the author's example, leaving myself, in turn, seduced by the charm of the associative game, I would be tempted to consider the novel Calvus Mons the parable of an initiatory itinerary; a journey that, in many ways, resembles that of Dante in his Divine Comedy; it's just that, here,  Hell, Purgatory and Paradise  do not succeed each other as in the Florentine masterpiece, but coexist  and interweave at the foot of a mountain massif, called by the locals The Bald Mountain (hence Calvus Mons – the Latin name of the title).”


"Theater as a shrine-fortress"


Florin Stănescu - translator:

“We are dealing with a theatrical formula ... not poor theater (no connection with Antonin Artaud) but economical and simple (but not at all simplistic), as accessible on stage as it is complex and deeply semantic.”

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